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 Looking for a unique way to communicate your research? 

As an academic, I know the difficulty of trying to explain your research topic to the wider public (even to colleagues in your own department can be a struggle).


But PhDcartoon can help. I have illustrated research across an array of disciplines for; poster conferences, AHRC funded projects, websites, iTunes podcasts, bookplates and book covers, and for graduation gifts.


A PhDcartoon will transform your written thesis into a piece of artwork. 


 The Dreaded 'Elevator Pitch'...

Whether you are a seasoned academic or a grad student we all struggle with the question - What is it you do?

But never fear I can help! 

 I love what I DO.

As an academic, I simply love learning about different discipines. It doesn't matter whether you have your study completely written up or just at the planning stage. I can help you articulate your project and turn it into a snappy visual. A visual that will entice others to find out more about your research. Think of a PhDcartoon as an illustrated abstract!

I don't need much to go on, you can simply send an abstract and a few lines on what got you interested in the topic in the first place. We can also arrange for a quick chat and I'll be able to ask for everything I need.


But don't just take my word for it, see what my clients have to say here

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