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“It was fantastic working with PhDcartoon towards the design of my book cover. She came up with very original ideas, was very open to discussion and feedback, and delivered a wonderful design in a very timely way. After completion of the design, she went above and beyond to facilitate communication with the publisher and ensure that everything is done professionally. I would definitely work with Ashleigh again in the future.”

Ioannis Tsioulakis author of Musicians in Crisis
Working and Playing in the Greek Popular Music Industry
, (Routledge, 2020).

“Ashleigh’s cartoons have really helped to liven up our book. We have had lots of very positive comments about them from our readers. Ashleigh adopted a very collaborative process for drawing her cartoon illustrations. We had multiple conversations about the concept she came up with, and we went through a series of different drafts that I was able to comment on. I enjoyed being part of this collaboration.”

Chris Colvin, co-editor (with Matthias Blum) of An Economist’s Guide to Economic History, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

“We were very impressed with the work PhDcartoon did for us in creating excellent and engaging cartoons for placement at the beginning of one of our bestselling Economics books.”

Ruth Noble, Editor | Economics, Palgrave Macmillan

Book Illustrations

"I came across Ashleigh's work on social media. Jokingly, I asked her to draw something for my PhD. I gave her nothing more than 3 key words, the historical time period and the place. The result was astonishing. Her cartoon blew me away. It also was very well received by other academics, who became more interested in my work thanks to her work.".”

Dr Gertjan Verdickt, Assistant Lecturer in Finance
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

“I am completely delighted with my PhDcartoon. It encapsulates my research in an easily “digestible” image that I can use in a range of contexts in order to introduce my thesis to the uninitiated. What’s more, Ashleigh was a breeze to work with. She asked just enough of the right questions to generate a highly creative spin on my subject in one short meeting, before delivering my PhDcartoon complete with an explanation of her interpretation in what seemed like no time at all. Highly, highly recommended!”.

Dr Conor McCormick, Lecturer in Law, Queen's University Belfast.


"Ashleigh Neill is a brilliant illustrator for academic research. She is not just very skilled with the pen and pencil, but she shows a natural interest in your research. Through just a relatively short interaction and sharing some summary texts (abstracts and such), she grasped the essentials of my research very quickly and intelligently, and then creatively combined these into a stunning illustration. I have by now seen several of her illustrations of academic research passing by, and she somehow manages to make each of them a truly original distillation of the research's essence.”

Homer Wagenaar, Marie Curie Researcher at Queen's University Belfast

“Today I received my PhDCartoon from Ashleigh Neill of PhDCartoons, and it is awesome! In our scoping review of competency framework development processes, we highlighted the risk that flawed development processes might lead to the creation of illegitimate or uncertain "false-god" competency frameworks. Ashleigh took this rather abstract concept and created this cartoon which depicts tourists (downstream processes such as policy and assessment) worshipping and admiring a cardboard cut-out of Asclepius (who represents a competency framework), yet they do not realise it is a cut-out and is therefore illegitimate or artificial. It's great to see a concept make it from my head to a visual interpretation on paper! Great work Ashleigh, I'm very pleased with it and everyone who has seen it so far has been impressed!”

Alan Batt, Paramedic, Researcher & Educator, Monash University.

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