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 Congratulations on finishing your book!

 Woohoo, no more typing...

Finally, the manuscript can be sent to the publishers. Now the next battle starts. How to do you want your book to look?


 Yes, We Do Judge Books By Their Covers!

How many times have you been drawn to a book in a book shop or library display, simply because of the attractive cover? Probably more than once. I will strive to come up with an illustration that is attractive and specifically tailored to your work.

Holding a Book

You need a book cover to attract the masses!

The book cover is your ultimate marketing tool. A successful book cover should increase the visibility of the book, convey a sense of the book, and facilitate a purchase.

"Books" Sign

 What About Illustrations Inside Your Book? 

Do you think illustrations aren’t for nonfiction books, think again!

Illustrations make the concepts in your book easier to understand and add interest, making your book more attractive to readers. The illustrations can be used for marketing purposes too.


So when do we get started?

Let's get started creating a book cover design specific to your research thesis.

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