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  How it started.

Throughout my PhD in Finance at Queen's University Belfast, I used my artistic skills to depict key concepts of my research which crossed between Law, Finance and Econometrics.

My illustrations won prizes at academic presentations and gained the attention of other researchers both locally and globally. I started collaborating with researchers to help them express their work in a creative and accessible way - PhDcartoon was born.

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  How it's going...

PhDcartoon's approach to converting complex information into a visual representation has caught the eye of other businesses in Belfast. PhDcartoon has helped businesses with rebranding and designing new logos. 

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  All things books

PhDcartoon has had the privilege of creating illustrations for research publications. In addition, I have helped many academics with their online book promotion by creating their very own book GIF -fast becoming a popular service!

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  Animations and more...

Whiteboard animations are a lot of fun to make and really make a project come to life. PhDcartoon hopes to venture into other forms of animation and data visualisation presentations.


So watch this space!

“It was fantastic working with PhDcartoon towards the design of my book cover. She came up with very original ideas, was very open to discussion and feedback, and delivered a wonderful design in a very timely way...[read more]"

Ioannis Tsioulakis author of Musicians in Crisis
Working and Playing in the Greek Popular Music Industry, (Routledge, 2020).

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