Does the word caricature instil fear in you? 

Don't worry, PhDcartoon's version of caricatures are flattering. That is why I call them PhDcartoon Portraits - I don't exaggerate features and insecurities.

We are all communicating more virtually these days. But who can be looking photogenic all the time? Why not substitute in a PhDcartoon version of yourself into business/personal profiles.

Just like I have done!


Simple Process

All I need are a few snaps of you! No long seated posing required. Or corporate headshots.

Connect With Clients

Knowing the person behind the business is  critical to establishing long-lasting relationships with clients. With a PhDcartoon Portrait, I will ensure you are looking your best and very professional.

Stand Out

Who wants to blend in? Definitely not your business. A PhDcartoon Portrait can encapsulate both you and your business. 

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